Luisa’s poetry ministry began when she was asked to write a tribute for a loved one. Now she regularly writes and delivers her poetry to the congregation to edify, encourage and exhort.
Here are a few of her beautiful poems that we would like to share with you. Enjoy!
My Fervent Prayer for the World 
Thank You, Lord for the world You’ve made
Your wonders are awesome, great
Thank You for the hard times we’re in
You want to change us, within.
I pray that people will seek You
May You let them know You’re true
You’re all powerful in all things
We’re nothing, finite beings.
Let us see Your sovereignty
To Your will may we agree
Help us not to trust in ourselves
Put to death our sinful craves.
May You extinguish our idols
Self, our jobs, things we extol
May we spend our days for You
From stadia, sloth, us unglue.
Help us see we’re going to hell
Send someone who will us tell
Each person needs to let You in
Accept Christ, Who saves from sin.
May You draw people to Yourself
We sinners need all Your help
May we all worship You alone
Only You reign in hearts’ thrones.
In this world locked down may we see
To do Your will You are free
To Your power may we submit
Soul, heart, body, head to feet.
May Your name by all glorified
In every nation, worldwide
In the name of Jesus I ask
The name everyone should trust.
John 3:16, Daniel 4:35
God Is In Control
Are you troubled with what’s happening?
You fret so you have stopped singing
It’s like there’s no way out of all these
In your heart there is no real peace.
Everything happens for a reason
God allows things with a mission
It could be you have forgotten Him
You’re focused on yourself, your whim.
You have set your heart towards idols
Hanging upon your mind, soul’s walls
To God you never pay attention
You rely on self and notions.
May be you think He doesn’t exist
On your own, life seems like a bliss
When troubles arise you seek His face
You only shrug your erring ways.
God is in control: He’s loving, just
To right wrongs for Him is a must
He exacts judgment on all who sins
He knows whose we are from within.
Give it up, commit your life to Him
Without Him you’re nothing: life is dim
You’ve no control of your own destiny
Cling to Him for eternity.
Revelation 3:20
Love Is…
Love is patient, love is kind
Love, to my many faults, is blind
Love is able, love is strong
Love seeks to correct my wrongs
Love is tender, love is soft
Love is gentle when I’m wroth
Love is pure, love is white
Love lightens my dark nights.
Love is good, love is humble
Love lifts me up every time I stumble
Love is caring, love is persistent
Love is merry, love is funny
Love endeavors to keep me happy
Love is feeling, love is sensitive
Love sympathizes with me in my need.
Love is not hasty, love is not mean
Love, from my childishness, helps me wean
Love is not judgmental, love doesn’t find fault
Love seeks to remind me of my worth
Love is not touchy, love  doesn’t retaliate
Love refrains from making issues complicate
Love is not greedy, love doesn’t hoard
Love shares things it can afford.
Love is not grumpy, love doesn’t stir fights
Love doesn’t keep records of slights
Love is not frantic, love doesn’t give up
Love has self-control over one’s display of rough
Love is not self-seeking, love does not brag
Love doesn’t on kindness, put a price tag
Love is not forgetful, love doesn’t harm
Love seeks to protect and good its charm.
Love is God, Who from the days of old
Made our first parents and the whole world
Love is God forgiving people from their sins
Planned for their salvation and Him within.
Love is the Lord Jesus, Who became God-Man
He died on the cross to carry out God’s plan
Love is the Lord Jesus, Who rose from the dead
To give me life eternal and be my ever-living Bread.
My Heavenly Father
Each day I’m walking nearer God
He guides me with cords of love
His child, He lifts me by the arms
Saves and keeps me safe from harm.
Oft I stumble, He picks me up
Helps me stand and rights my gaff
He knows my yen to be near Him
Though at times I fall and sin.
He’s constant and never gives up
I’m stubborn, but He keeps tough
He knew me before I was formed
From Him I’d never be torn.
He heals me when I become sick
Calms me when I fret and kick
He lifts the hard yoke off my neck
His goodness never will trek.
He feeds my body and my soul
Washes me and keeps me whole
He speaks to me from His Word
His wonders have to be told.
How awesome it is to be His
I talk to Him, not just wish
His love and patience like a well
Never dries up, I’ve to tell.
Unbelieving one, be my kin
Draw near Him and leave your sin
Taste what manner of love He gives
Never His child will He leave.
Based on Hosea 11:1-4
Sept. 8, 2006
God Bless You Missionaries And
The Work You Do
May God bless you and the work that you do
Helping folks to know His love so true
How He sent His Son to die on the cross
He loved and sought us, we who are lost.
You may be stationed in a foreign land
Where you rely on God’s power, plan
You’re away from your loved ones; you don’t mind
Your life’s purpose is with Him aligned.
For us who can’t go, you’re our hands and feet
The spiritually dead’s need  you meet
You have become our mouths and our voices
Teaching those come to faith, sins confessed.
You have learned their languages through hard work
Adapted customs, new things uncorked
Bereft of life’s usual little comforts
But He Who you serve is all the worth.
For most people, you have the greatest joy
Of seeing folks saved from Satan’s ploy
You obey gladly the great commission
So grateful for your own salvation.
Your remuneration may not be much
But your treasures are the souls you catch
You’re heaping up riches in God’s kingdom
When all have heard, the Lord will soon come.
We’re praying for you, dear missionaries
On God’s goodness may you always feast
May He protect you from harm and danger
With evil in the world, God’s greater.
April 27, 2013